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What is MIBSE

Ø  MIBSE (Maple Intelligence Based Scholarship Exam – 2018) is an initiative of Maple Innovative Solutions acting as a platform to measure a variety of mental functions of a child such as Numerical (Reasoning, Estimation and Computation), Data Interpretation, Verbal (Ability, Comprehension and Word Meaning), Diagrammatic Reasoning, Spatial Ability and Abstract Reasoning.

Ø  A unique and a first of its kind of effort towards a contributory research in the field of Multiple Intelligences through Scholarship Exam followed by DMIT (Choice Based)

Ø  A platform to check, analyze and present a students’ capabilities in terms of the above mentioned subjects as a score card giving them an indicative idea of their performance

Ø  Through MIBSE, you will get to know a broad idea about your standing, at-least in 03 out of total 08 Multiple Intelligences –

o   Verbal / Linguistic (word Smart)

o   Logical / Mathematical (Number / Reasoning Smart)

o   Visual / Spatial (Picture Smart).


The goal of any intelligence tests is to obtain an idea of the person’s intellectual potential. MIBSE acts as a platform to enable such intelligence tests to reach each and everyone, as an effort of the organization to significantly contribute in the field of intelligences. By participating in MIBSE, you can know your intelligence level while grabbing an opportunity to win many exciting prizes and participating in unique workshops.

Benefits of MIBSE

In general, intelligence tests allow professionals to have a uniform way of comparing a person’s performance with that of other people who are similar in age. These tests are excellent predictors of academic achievement and provide an outline of a person’s mental strengths and weaknesses. Many times the scores have revealed talents in many people, which have led to an improvement in their educational opportunities. Teachers, parents, and psychologists are able to devise an individual curriculum that matches a person’s level of development and expectations.


  • v  An Informative Book about Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences

    v  A MIBSE Participation Certificate

    v  A Score Card reflecting your Graphical Representation of your innate abilities of the Intelligences being checked

    v  A chance to participate in one or more Unique Workshops being organized by us

    v  An opportunity to win Cash Rewards in the form of ‘Scholarships’